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  • Freelance Personal Training Space (FPT)

    Energia Fitness is the perfect place to base your personal training business and join some of the best freelance personal trainers in town. We know your clients deserve only the best, which Energia can provide.

    Everything will be provided for you and your clients from the use of all our equipment, shower and lock facilities, as well as have our membership benefits extended to all your clients. Energia understands that every trainer has his or her own specialty. Be it classical weights training, TRX, Plyometric, Calisthenics, Kettlebell, Boxing/kick boxing, Energia has the equipment and space.

    Facilities & Equipment

    All your client has to do it show up, inform the receptionist that they are training with you and everything else will be taken care of by the Energia team.

    With our extremely competitive rates in Singapore, Energia is the most sought after in-demand space for personal training. Show your clients that you care for their safety and comfort. Choose Energia Fitness.

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